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Euzotes has existed since 2009 when bass player Ron Ersek joined Steve Blackburn and Yves Beaumier, long time friends and musicians. Yves and Steve have been making music together for ages. Along came Ron and they decided to form an official band.

Steve Blackburn

Born in 1967, Steve Blackburn started at a very young age to be interested in his father’s musical instruments. The acoustic guitar, organ, and the accordian were the first beacons of his passion for music. Born of a right-handed guitarist father that played left-handed, he quickly figured out how to harmonize with his dad to the music of the era: Felix, Tex, Nana, Le P’tit Simard we his earliest parts of his repertoire that he delivered to his aunts and uncles at the time. He even gave concerts at the local Perrette on the corner for candies.

Seeing his interest in music, his father left him a lot of latitude when it came to musical instruments and imparted to him a passion which serves as his antidote till this day.

In 1977, his father bought him a 12 string Kasuga which helped him develop his calluses after many thousands of hours of playing.

In 1978-79, his brother bought him his first electric guitar: a red Gibson SG imitation complete with a 7 watt 90% distortion amplifier and a Fuzz pedal. Kiss was on the menu.

And, in third grade, he met Michel Coupal. They formed the band BlackCoup and Steve started to create his first compositions.

Many years during primary and secondary school were devoted to learning his diverse musical repertoire of: Led Zep, Rush, Yes, Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Gentle Giant, Deep Purple, Styx, Plumes, Harmonium et many others.

1982-83, during his years at Louis-Riel high school Steve joined Rhythm Myth, composed of members : Joao Georges, Eric Zeillinger, Bruno Lavoie, Tony and Richard Mandanice. They covered the works of Genesis (Cinema Show, In the Cage, Behind the Line, Dodo, Abacab, …)

In 1984, his last year of high school, the group disbanded but they were proud of the fact that they were able to produce a show for the school talent show. As a bassist along with Christian Gendron (keyboardist), Eric Zeillinger (drummer), Stephane Nobert (guitarist) and many other musicians, he produced « background » music for the Louis Riel dance troupe directed by Manon Oligny.

Enter stage left, the epic project “Masterpiece” : Michel Coupal (guitarist), Yves Beaumier (drummer), Steve Blackburn (bassist) and Sylvain Huard (vocals and flute). Two recording sessions, 20 or so hours of original progressive rock music, 3 shows (U of M, Station 10, and CEGEP Maisonneuve). They abandoned the project after the death of Michel Coupal.

From 1984-87 Steve attended regional college where music was associated with partying and not composing. It’s the only time in his life where he took a formal music course. He played bass for a big band orchestra for two shows (Toto, SuperTramp type music)

In 1990 he bought his first synthesizer and started to teach himself MIDI and how to play. He experimented with many compositions.

In 1995 he found himself with Yves Beaumier again and they formed SBYB. They hammered out a few old compositions and continued with many new arrangements. They recorded SBYB I, II, and III together.

When bassist Ron Ersek joined Steve and Yves in 2009 they decided to form the band Euzôtes. Steve spent many quality hours with Ron teaching him his compositions. Once Ron was comfortable they recorded the album Elements.

Yves Beaumier

Yves Beaumier's first group was supposed to be a jazz group but ended up being a mix of musical styles. Like most young musicians. he started to play with friends at the age of 12 and also started playing snare in the cadets.

At the age of 14 he bought himself his first drum kit, a Ludwig. Along with his new drums he took his first drum lessons.

From 1982 to 1984, his band "Sold Out" toured Montreal bars and social clubs where they played to sold out audiences. The line ups continued out the door of the venues and around the corner! Sold Out was a cover band that played music from such groups as The Beatles, Styx, The Eagles, Foreigner, and April Wine; pop rock of that era.

From 1984 to 1985 Yves played in another cover band called Thorn.

From 1985 to 1987 Yves participated in a project called Masterpiece, a progressive rock band with Steve Blackburn (guitarist of Euzôtes). He continued to play with them until they broke due to a tragic event in which they lost their guitarist.

Steve and Yves continued to play together sporadically when Masterpiece broke up, from 1987 to 2009. They built their repertoire that eventually lead them to Euzôtes when Ron Ersek joined them in 2009. During that time they honed their skills and started to record in earnest. In 1995 they started calling themselves SBYB for Steve Blackburn Yves Beaumier.

Today Yves Beaumier is the cornerstone of the progressive rock trio Euzôtes that is still actively recording and performing.

Ronald Ersek

Ronald Ersek, composer/bassist, started his musical career in 1983 at Rosemere High School where he was allowed by his music teacher Mr. Thomson to play the bass his parents had bought him. He played 3 years from grade 9 to 11 and did not pick up a bass for another 15 years.

In 2001, Pierre Deguire suggested that Ron join his band The Velvet Dogs because they had just lost their bassist. He passed the audition and continued to play with The Velvet Dogs for 8 years where he covered bands such as ZZ Top, The Tragically Hip, Led Zep, Stevie Ray Vaughan etc. But as with all good things, it had to come to an end.

During his time in The Velvet Dogs Ron filled in as the bassist for The End for a short while. There he made friends with guitarist Stephane Legault who introduced Ron to Steve Blackburn and Yves Beaumier in 2009. Shortly after, the trio decided to form the group Euzôtes, an Alternative/Progressive Rock band that actively records and performs to this day.

Luc Métivier

It's at the age of 9 that Luc's parents offered him to take musical lessons. Luc accepted the offer with a lot of joy, not knowing what instrument would fall into his hands. He started his musical journey by taking accordeon lessons. He played this instrument for a few years until he became a teenager where the guitar and flute quickly replaced the waltz and tangos he was used to playing. Like many teenagers of his age, 70s music had a big influence on him with groups like Genesis, Yes, Gentle Giant, Led zep, Jethro Tull, Supertramp, Harmonium, etc… Not to mention music from Jazz groups, Blues and Classical.

In the 90s, music didn't hold a large place in his life with his family keeping him busy, but his good old guitar was never very far away. In the beginning of the 2000s, he rediscovered the joys of music while playing on his daughter's keyboard.

In 2015, he met with Steve Blackburn at a friends dinner party. Steve's skill with a guitar left Luc dumbfounded. Wow! Luc also demonstrated his musical talents, which earned him an invitation to the group Euzôtes. Since autumn 2015, Luc has been playing the keyboard, flute and saxophone with Euzôtes with the same passion as he did when he was 9 years old.

Stéfany Plante

Stéfany has Always had a passion for music. She interpretted music from artists such as Janis Joplin, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Les Coloc, Harmonium and many more. Her desire to create brought her meet other like-minded musicians who formed a group called Améthyst, a 70's style progressive rock band that blended a now and then style of original music. Since 2018 Stéfany has officially joined Euzôtes as a full-time member as lead singer and is now collaborating on their upcoming album.


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To our spouses and friends that support us in whatever way we need them to. To the others that, indirectly, have helped us realize our goals and play the best music possible.


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