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Euzôtes' next album entitled "D'Eux"

It's a collaboration between 7 great musicians passionate about music. This album represents years of work and love. Due to the pandemic, the production of the new album was tedious and postponed for several months. We took advantage of this moment to integrate Martin Lacombe as guitarist, Richard Plourde keyboardist, and Jean-Pierre Frechette and recompose complementary parts. Since we couldn't manage to finalize the recordings, we focused on creating fun videos of a few songs from the album: Terre en Sac, Haut Sommet and Le Phare. These videos were recorded in 2020 during the first lockdown. Today, we are on our last mile for re-recordings and mixing.

The new album, "D'Eux", is now complete in its current form, ie. 13 original songs, with the collaboration of our 3 invited musicians.

The objective being to reproduce this album in full as a show.

This album is more mature in our opinion. We grew as a group and became better artists. We reinvent ourselves frequently and as such, the songs evolve as well. The production of our last album, "Film Noir", taught us many things which are reflected in the upcoming album. Those thousands of hours spent refining the songs convinced us that we evolved with our music.

We hope you'll be as excited to hear the new album as we are to present it to you.


Latest News

2024/04/01: New songs on their way: Parallels and Cycle of Life, currently in the arrangement phase.

2023/08/05: PigRock 2023 - St. Constant Quebec.

2022/05/08: Jean-Pierre Frechette joins us as a invited memeber on sax/flute/harmonica for the album "D'Eux".

2021/??/??: Richard Plourde joins us as a invited memeber on keyboards for the album "D'Eux".

2021/08/07: PigRock 2021 - St. Constant Quebec.

2021/04/07: Pandemic/isolation video of "Le Phare", from our upcoming album "D'Eux", is released on social media -

2020/11/04: Pandemic/isolation video of "Haut Sommet", from our upcoming album "D'Eux", is released on social media -

2020/11/01: Martin Lacombe joins us as a invited memeber on guitar for the album "D'Eux".

2020/09/21: Pandemic/isolation video "Terre en Sac" is released on -

2020/09/21: Our 1st video of Euzôtes on Annie Weekly from "" is released -

2020/09/19: Euzôtes will be featured in the web series "Annie Weekly" -

2020/05/13: 1st pandemic/isolation video of "Terre en Sac", from our upcoming album "D'Eux", is released on social media -

2020/04/26: Ron Ersek performs "Film Noir" CD 2/2 on Facebook Live.

2020/04/19: Ron Ersek performs "Film Noir" CD 1/2 on Facebook Live.

2019/04/30: Our album "Film Noir" is available for digital download on BandCamp -

2019/03/27: Euzôtes is featured on Brave Musik (S02E02) on MAtv Télévision Communautaire d’Argenteuil. Steve Blackburn is interviewed by DPillz and we play an accoustic version of "Sauve Moi" at Le Pub Code Rouge in Lachute -

2018/11/18: Stéfany Plante joins Euzôtes as Lead Singer.

2018/11/17: Euzôtes proudly launched their new double album entitled "Film Noir" in front of an exclusive audience at the Théâtre Plaza -

2018/10/09: Euzôtes announces their CD launch show on 2018/11/17 -

2018/09/01: The upcoming CD launch show will feature Sylvain Bolduc on harmonica and percussions.

2018/08/15: The upcoming CD launch show will feature Stéfany Plante on Lead Vocals.

2018/08/01: Cathy Valois leaves Euzôtes. Thank you for making dreams come true. Cheers!

2018/07/23: New Euzôtes logo is revealed on social media.

2018/07/15: "Film Noir" released! -

2018/??/??: Euzôtes starts collaborating with Studio2080/ to mix, master and joins the challenge.

2016/04/23: New album cover for "Film Noir" is revealed on social media -

2015/12/04: Cathy Valois joins Euzôtes as leads singer. Welcome!

2015/08/01: Luc Metivier, keyboardist, saxophonist and flutist joins Euzôtes. Bienvenue!

2013/07/01: New album annouced! Stay tuned.

2013/06/19: Euzôtes came in 12th overall in the regional finals of The Worldwide Emergenza Festival. A big thank you to all who attended!

2013/06/18: The Worldwide Emergenza Festival presents Euzôtes, live in concert, June 18th 2013 @ The Olympia Theater for the regional finals.

2013/05/05: Euzôtes came in 2nd during their night of regional semi-finales of The Worldwide Emergenza Festival 2013.

2013/05/04: The Worldwide Emergenza Festival presents Euzôtes, live in concert, May 4th 2013 @ Club Soda for the regional semi-finals.

2013/02/25: New Website design!

2013/02/19: Euzôtes came in 1st place during round 1 of The Worldwide Emergenza Festival 2013.

2013/02/18: The Worldwide Emergenza Festival presents Euzôtes, live in concert, Feb. 18th 2013 @ Bar O Patro Vys, in Montreal, Quebec.

2012/08/04: PigRock 2012 - St. Constant Quebec.